An innovative product

Écodôme® is the first product developed by Dignity. It fills a technical and legal void.

Ecodôme® is a temporary solution for setting up a burial plot in a cemetery for a burial in the ground or in a vault, according to the terms of its patent.

Écodôme® demarcates and identifies a burial site, whether in the ground or in a vault. It brings dignity and respect to the deceased and his or her bereaved family.

Écodôme® technical specifications

Ecodôme® is available in 2 colors: white (RAL 9001) and gray (RAL 7044).

The technical specifications of Ecodôme® are as follows:

Dimensions in CM Total: 178 x 78 x 32
Tray: 140 x 50
Weight 8.5 kg
Load-bearing capacity 60 kg
Composition Recycled ABS

Ecodôme® is a registered trademark and a patented solution.

dignity france ecodome synthetic turf

Made-to-measure customization

To meet the needs of families, to accompany them in their mourning and in memory of the deceased, Ecodôme® can be personalized by applying a recyclable covering to the top. Several options:

A visual to be chosen from our preselection, including surname, first name, date of birth and date of death, and a photo of the deceased.

dignity ecodome and sole 2023 2

A personalized visual of your choice in vertical panoramic format. Customization dimensions equivalent to the top of Ecodôme® : width 46 cm x height 136 cm. Smartphone camera resolution sufficient to create the covering.

dignity ecodome and sole 2023 4

A simple silk-screen print of the first and last name or any inscription of remembrance according to the wishes of the deceased or his family

dignity ecodome and sole 2023 3

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