The Dignity company

Created in response to a need among the loved ones of the deceased, Dignity’s mission is to develop tailor-made funeral solutions.

Bringing together complementary expertise and excellent knowledge of the funeral sector, Dignity is committed to a virtuous approach to helping professionals in the sector to offer products that respect both customers and the environment.

The origin of the project

“With many years’ experience in the funeral industry, I’ve acquired a cross-disciplinary vision of the business. After 15 years at the head of the family business, and above all my debut in the profession in November 1993, it was time for me to turn the page without closing the funeral book.

Inspired and keen to do even more for bereaved families, I wanted to give another dimension to my fundamental values: Respect and Dignity. And because I believe that the greatest human adventures are those that are shared, I wanted to bring my close friends together.

This is precisely the context in which DIGNITY was born in the summer of 2022.”

Didier Calarnou, Chairman and Founder

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Our team

Dignity is the association of 3 long-standing friends from Brittany, united around shared values and innovative ideas.
The aim is to promote a solution that makes sense to funeral professionals, enabling families to reflect with dignity after the loss of a loved one.

Didier Calarnou

President and founder of Dignity

A native of Finistère
28 years’ experience in the funeral industry as a funeral home owner.

Clovis Thaumoux

Associate Director, Dignity

A native of Morbihan
20 years’ experience in the plastics industry in managerial positions. In-depth knowledge of industrial processes, quality and eco-design.

Jean-Philippe Henry

Associate Director, Dignity

A native of Finistère
15 years’ experience in sales and marketing development for luxury brands.

Vision & commitment

Our vision

Innovation at the service of respect and dignity for all.

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Our commitment

Accompanying changes in the funeral industry by promoting innovative, eco-designed and adapted solutions, responding to the need for dignity for the deceased.

Eco-design and circularity

Eco-design* by Dignity :

Environmental protection

Reducing carbon footprint

Supporting the local economy

Made in France


Optimizing resources


Logistics optimization





Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

* Eco-design consists of integrating the environment from the design stage of a product or service, and throughout all stages of its life cycle” AFNOR, 2004.

Circularity by Dignity

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Responsible sourcing

We strive to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders. For us, truly sustainable value lies in balancing the needs of our company, our environment and our employees.


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