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Dignity: Ecodôme restores the dignity of burial after burial.

Publication date: December 18, 2022

The moments following a burial are always delicate. When the family returns to the scene a few hours later, or the next day, the sight of the mound of earth accentuates the pain and morbidity of the loss. That’s what many people are saying. This is the vision of Didier Calarnou, president and founder of Dignity, a new funeral company that aims to restore dignity to graves awaiting permanent monuments. Maintenance…

Résonance: Didier Calarnou, how did you come up with this idea?

Didier Calarnou: I’m a funeral professional. I have over 25 years of burial experience. I’ve seen a number of them, and each time I’ve heard the same remarks, always in a courteous tone, but showing that there was a real case to be dealt with. The state of the grave, with its lack of markers, its mound of earth… All families, not necessarily having a concession and therefore being first-time buyers, have to resolve the issue of the funerary monument after the funeral. It’s this lapse of time that needs to be filled with a dignified response. The solution can also be adapted when the existing monument cannot be reassembled after burial. It can also be used to lay the concrete slab of a new vault. So the idea of a temporary dome came naturally. All that remained was to resolve the practical and functional details of its manufacture.

A: How did you get the Ecodome project off the ground?

DC: First of all, the choice of name is not innocent. Ecodôme is a product that respects the environment, because most of our fellow citizens are concerned about the environment. From this point of view, we share this vision. I surrounded myself with two close friends, Bretons from Finistère and Morbihan. They all share the same philosophy of life and the same values when it comes to dealing with post-obsequies. So we became partners in this project.

Clovis Thaumoux, with his twenty years’ experience in the plastics industry, gave us his knowledge of the material, the process and, above all, the way to take a concrete, environmental and pragmatic look at material recycling and the circular economy. Jean-Philippe Henry, on the other hand, has ten years’ expertise in the luxury goods industry, and brings a dedicated marketing and sales approach and sensitivity that are perfectly suited to the Ecodôme by Dignity solution. Our three points of view converge to propose an innovative product, respectful of the environment and morally compatible with the dignity of families.

A: Speaking of values, which ones do you advocate?

DC: We’re not here to shake up funeral customs and traditions, just to provide a dimensioned response to a problem where, for the moment, there is no eco-designed, environmentally-friendly solution. Ecodôme is eco-designed using recycled ABS material. At the end of its life, it is intended to be recycled as part of the circular economy. Écodôme is made in France and integrated into a local process. In so doing, we create value in the French economic system. We also create added value in the moral approach to dignity that families demand from their funeral operator.

Ecodôme’s tested strength and durability means you can wait for a permanent solution to be installed on the burial site. It’s easy to install, by any burial technician. It requires no special effort. Ecodôme weighs the equivalent of a pack of mineral water, and its top section has a load-bearing capacity of 60 kg. No special logistics required in terms of tools and know-how.
Last but not least, Écodôme can be customized on the top side with a vinyl adhesive film, also recyclable, either by using a visual we suggest on our website, or by creating a completely personalized visual with an image of the family’s choice. Of course, the identity of the deceased is mentioned, along with the years of birth and death. We are currently considering the creation of a footing in the same recycled material to improve the finish of the temporary burial site, which, thanks to Écodôme alone, has already undergone a metamorphosis.

A: What marketing system have you adopted?

DC : Funeral operators are the exclusive prescribers for the Ecodome. We do not sell directly to the public. Delivery to operators will take the form of palletization of twenty products, to reduce the ecological impact of each dome. Each Ecodome is expected to operate for between three and six months, while the final monument is installed or re-installed. After a maximum of thirty-six months, we take care of recovering the Ecodomes, so that the raw material can be recycled by shredding. So the second-generation Ecodôme will be made up of 100% of the first-generation Ecodôme.

Écodôme is already attracting a lot of attention from the funeral industry, which is very satisfying and validates our solution. We’re also thinking about a stronger, more concrete action in the eyes of the public, namely to commit to planting a tree for every Ecodome sold. In this way, our solution goes far beyond the funeral industry and makes a modest contribution to a greener future for generations to come. The DIGNITY team is already hard at work expanding the family of funeral solutions in line with Ecodôme.

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