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Dignity: a temporary solution for setting up a burial plot.

Issue: n°317

Dignity, founded in June 2022 by Didier Calarnou, was discovered at the Funexpo funeral show in Lyon last November. It presented the Ecodôme® product, which provides an aesthetic, safe, personalized and dignified solution for temporary burial plots. Interview with the company manager.
By Denis Cettour

Funéraire Magazine : Why did you create Dignity and how did you come up with the idea for Ecodôme®?

Didier Calarnou: after fifteen years at the helm of the family funeral and marble business in Finistère, I decided to turn the page and embark on a new challenge with long-standing friends. Despite everything, I was determined to do a little more for bereaved families, and to give another dimension to my fundamental values of respect and dignity.
It was against this backdrop that Dignity was created in the summer of 2022. Created with 2 friends from Brittany in response to a need among relatives of the deceased, Dignity’s vocation is to develop tailor-made funeral solutions. Dignity is committed to a virtuous approach to helping professionals in the sector to offer products that respect both customers and the environment. And so Ecodôme ® was born.
Families have several options. Either screen-printed with just a name and date, or, more symbolically, decorated with the desired themes and a personalized photo in a medallion.

Funéraire Magazine : What is Ecodôme®?

Didier Calarnou: Ecodôme® is the first product developed by Dignity. It fills a technical and legal void. This is a temporary solution for setting up a burial plot in a cemetery for a burial in the ground or in a vault, depending on the terms of the patent. It demarcates and identifies a grave, bringing dignity and respect to the deceased and their bereaved family.
Ecodôme® is available in two colors: white and gray. It is made in France in a single standard size of 178 cm long x 78 cm wide and 32 cm high. The top tray measures 1.40 m x 0.50 m and supports a maximum weight of 60 kg. Made from recycled ABS, Ecodôme® is also extremely lightweight, weighing just 8.5 kg.

Funéraire Magazine : Who is Ecodôme® designed for?

Didier Calarnou: We only work with funeral professionals, whether undertakers or funeral marble makers, who then offer Ecodôme® to families. Today, we cover the whole of France. The media are increasingly reporting on our company. Our product has found widespread acceptance in France, as well as in other countries such as the UK, Portugal and Switzerland.

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Families have several options. Either a simple “covering” with just a name and date or, more symbolically, a decor with the desired themes and a personalized photo in the medallion.

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